Full Throttle – When a hell-bent for leather truck driver loses his job, he turns to racing motorcycles in order to marry and support his girlfriend. But on the eve of making it big, he is confronted with losing all he ever cared about. (Based on the true story of legendary motorcycle racer Ed “Iron man” Kretz.) See more here:

Charlie Redstar – When an ex-cop witnesses the alien abduction of his son, the government frames him for murder in order to cover it up. Now, pursued by a relentless agent from a shadowy organization, he must work with his estranged wife to break into a top-secret warehouse filled with recovered alien technology in order to expose the truth and get his son back.

We The People – When a nuclear attack strikes during the President’s State of the Union address and kills all our elected officials, the world seems ready to pin the blame on a foreign terrorist group. But when a down and out ex-marine discovers proof that this was really an inside job, it falls on to him to hunt down the true subversive before he can take over the country.

Exquisite Corpse – In a world where how you die is more important than how you live, people pay big bucks for Hollywood-produced euthanasia. However, when one man learns the secret consortium that is behind all the pain and suffering on the planet, he must expose them before they execute his girlfriend on top of a tower during the world’s number one rated live TV show.

Sympathy For The Devil – When a washed-up teen idol steals a cursed Jimi Hendrix guitar, it gives him another shot at immortality. But as his new fame and ability grow, his girlfriend realizes she must destroy the guitar before it completely takes over his life and unleashes the devil onto the world stage.

John Brown’s Body – Over the course of one rainy October night, abolitionist John Brown and a ragtag group of raiders seize the federal armory at Harpers Ferry and its cache of 200,000 guns. But, before they can get out of town and arm the slaves in a massive rebellion, Robert E. Lee and his marines put down the insurrection, nearly killing Brown. Now, about to hang for his crimes against America, Brown finally sees that if he goes to the gallows, he can achieve everything he had ever hoped for. (Based on historical events.)

Depredations – When his children are slaughtered and his wife is taken captive by Cheyenne Warriors, a homesteader who fought in the Civil War picks up his rifle once again and sets out for revenge. (Based on actual events.)