The Road To Sturgis – A seventy-year old man gets a second chance at life when an experimental drug sends his cancer into remission. With his body seemingly aging backwards, he sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream – a motorcycle ride to the rally in Sturgis. But when his son, a failed author and businessman, learns that the effects of the drug won’t last, he sets out to find him. Now on the amazing high roads of the Rockies, and the open roads of the northern plains, two men with different agendas must battle the elements, their pasts, each other and time.

Daniel’s Wager – For Buffalo Creek, Idaho, the new mega-church was to be a boon. It was to bring a hotel, a golf course, racquetball courts and a five-star restaurant to this tiny hamlet far off the interstate. For eighteen year-old Daniel it was to be the beginning of a new life. It was a way out from under the oppressive hand of his alcoholic uncle who raised him. It was to bring him a high-paying job, acceptance, fame and girls. But it also threatened to destroy his best friend’s family business. And it was the beginning of the end to small town values. Now, just hours before he is to be lethally injected for the brutal murder of the mega-church’s enigmatic leader, Daniel tells his unbelievable story to the prison chaplain in hopes he can secure a stay of execution.

The Divorce Diet – It was Cassie Robert’s thirty-fifth birthday and, according to her doctor, her last. That’s because Cassie has a fatal weight problem. On top of that, she received another unwelcome gift – her husband’s infidelity. Faced with death, divorce, and the impossible task of starting over, Cassie tries to eat herself to death in the parking lot of Baker’s Square. Her best friend Cheryl persuades her to lower the fork and seek the ultimate revenge by losing the weight and living. With Cheryl’s help, Cassie is brought back from the brink by diet, exercise, and the promise of a million dollars from the popular TV show Loser Take All. While filming in Los Angeles, Cassie’s life takes an incredible turn, and over time she becomes thin, successful, and rich. Now, back home to finalize the divorce, an unexpected twist reveals evidence that her dreams of crushing her husband may not be justified.